Master in Sensibility Design

for eco-footprint

light / colour / smart material / surface / finishing

Registration 2023/2024

 deadline for application

8 January 2024 12:30 p.m.

deadline for registration

18 January 2024 12:30 p.m.

start date of teaching activities

31 January 2024

Applicants should apply on the form and according to the instructions available on the University website

For further information see the INFORMATION SHEET (pdf)

The Master's degree is open to candidates with a Bachelor's in:

  • L-1 Cultural Heritage
  • L-3 Art, Music, Performing Arts and Fashion Disciplines
  • L-4 Industrial Design
  • L-7 Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • L-9 Industrial Engineering
  • L-10 Humanities
  • L-17 Architectural Sciences
  • L-20 Communication Sciences
  • L-21 Spatial, Urban, Landscape and Environmental Planning Sciences
  • L-23 Building Sciences and Techniques
  • L-40 Sociology
  • LM-4 Architecture and Building Engineering - Architecture (five-year degree)

For Isia candidates, Academies of Fine Arts or other recognised institutes and for foreign candidates, equivalent qualifications in the respective study systems will be considered valid.

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Title issued

Title of First Level University Master's Degree from the University of Florence, with a course attendance rate of over 67%.

The Master's Degree awards 60 CFU.